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    Planlagt kull / Upcoming litter

    Tik/dam: SE ch RU ch RFK ch Beloru ch RU jr ch HE-jr W-11 FIN-jr W-11

    Aries Khan Hloria Helwyr,
    HD: A, ED: 0, EOAD: Free, DM: Free

    Hane/sire: NO ch EUJW-15 NJW-15

    Kangelani's Piece Of Art (L),
    HD: B, ED: 0, EOAD: Free, DM:Free

    Stamtavla /Pedigree


    We also plan one litter with danish-swedish farmdog puppies spring 2017

    More info to come



    Forespørsel på kullet kan gjøres via mail j-sberg(at)hotmail.com eller mobil +46(0)761318871.




     Enquiries are welcome on mail j-sberg(at)hotmail.com or +46(0)0761-318871 or +46(0)761-141701


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