Nice Memories From The Showring 
    hyggelige minner fra utstillingsringen med Scout

    Scout has 22 placements in the group and 9 in the BIS ring so far. 
    (5  # 1 BIS including 4 RR-Specialty's 

    (some of the cup/prizes he has won)

    Scout is # 1 - Mostwinning RR in Norway in 2003. He also gained the title in 2002 & 2001. This is the first time a RR has been # 1 three times.
    He was also # 1 best male in Sweden in 2003.

25.09.04: BSBK-Bergen, Nat. show
Judge: Ove Gjermundsson, Sweden
1chk, ck, 1bhk, BIR, 1BIG (BOB & # 1 Best in Group)

19.09.04: DKK-Int show - Copenhagen Winner 2004
Judge: Nete Wunch, Sweden
1chk, ck,1bhk,CACIB, BIR, 1BIG & 5BIS (BOB & # 1 Best in Group & # 5 Best in Show)

21.08.04: KSS-Oslo, Nat show
Judge: Tore Fossum, Norway
1chk, ck, 1bhk, BIR & 2BIG (BOB & # 2 Best in Group)

07.08.04: Askersund, Nat show
Judge: Kresten Scheel, Denmark
1chk, ck, 1bhk, BIR & 1BIG (BOB & #1 Best in Group)

06.06.04: Vadstena, Nat show
Judge: Per-Erik Wallin, Sweden
1chk, ck, 1bhk, BIR, 2BIG (BOB & # 2 best in Group)
Best of Group judge: Renee Willes, Sweden)

28.03.04: NKK-Bergen, Norway, Int. show
Judge: Kerstin Nilsson, Denmark
1chk, ck,1bhk,CACIB,BIR,1BIG (BOB & 1 Best in Group)

14.02.04: SKK-Gothenburg, Sweden, Int. show
Judge: John Walsh, Ireland
1chk,ck,1bhk,CACIB,BIR,2BIG (BOB & 2 Best in Group) 

23.11.03: NKK-Hamar - Int. show   
Judge: Niels Brandstrup, Norway
1chk,ck,1bhk,cacib,BIR,4BIG ( BOB & # 4 Best in Group)
New title - NV-03 (Norwegian Winner 2003)

09.11.03: Kongsberg, Norway-National show  
Judge: Kerstin Nilsson, Denmark
1chk,ck,1bhk,BIR,2BIG (BOB & # 2 Best in Group)

20.9.03: DKK-Ballerup -    Read the critique
Judge: Michal McCarthy, Irland
1chk,ck,1bhk,CACIB,BIR,3BIG (BOB & # 3 Best in Group)
est in Group judge- Elke Peper, Germany
New title - KBHV-2003 (Copenhagen Winner-2003).

17.08.03: NKK-Oslo - Int show
Judge Helge Werner Hagen, Norway
chk, ck,1bhk,CACIB,BIR,1BIG, 4BIS (BOB, #1 BIG & #4 Best in Show) Qualified for Crufts 2004.
Best in Show judge; Agnes Ganami, Israel
Best in Group judge: Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden.

09.08.93: Danish RR-Specialty
Judge: Sandra Fikes, USA (kennel Kalahari)
1chk, ck, 1bhk, BIR -BIS (BOB Best in Show)

17.07.03: SKK-Vadstena -
Judge: Gøran Bodegård, Sweden
1chk,ck,1bhk,CACIB,BIR,2BIG (BOB & # 2 Best in Group)

14.05.03: NKK-Drammen - Int show     Read the critique
Judge: Nils Molin, Sweden
1chk,ck,1bhk,CACIB, BIR, 2 BIG (BOB & # 2 Best in Group)

24.05.03: Nes, Norway -
Judge: Edith Hogg, South Africa
1chk,ck,1bhk,BIR, 1BIG, 4BIS (BOB & #1 Best in Group & # 4 Best in Show)

19.04.03: SKK - Stockholm, Sweden -  Read the critique 
Judge: Kresten Scheel, Denmark
1chk,ck,1bhk,CACIB, BIR, # 1 BIG (BOB & # 1 Best in Group

4.01.2003: Gothenburg, Sweden - RR-Specialty  Read the critique
Judge - Breedspecialist Sue Simper, Matabelle kennel , UK.
1chk, ck, 1bhk, BOB, Best in Show

20.10.02: NKK/Tromsø - International show
BOB / 5BIG (# 5 in Group)
Judge; Wera Hubenthal, No - Group judge; Harald Aune, No

21.09.02: Compiegne, France - International show
BOB / 2BIG (# 2 in Group)
Judge: M. Le Mansencal, France, Groupjudge;M. Le Magnan, Fr

14.09.02: Pontoise, France RR-Specialty
2.Best male with CAC
udge: Breedspecialist Rosemary Green, Australia - Chilolo kennel

01.09.02: Luxemburg, International show
BOB / 2 BIG ( # 2 in Group)
Judge: J.E. Fatauros (NL), Groupjudge; Ingeborg Kincaid, Panama

10.08.02: Bjerke, Norway - International show -
Qualification for Crufts.
BOB - Norwegian Winner 2002
Judge: Rigmor Ulstad, Norway

28.07.02: Moss, National show
BOB / BIS - Best in Show
Judge: Nete Wunch, Denmark, BIS judge; Nete Wunch, Dk.

27.07.02: Moss, National show
BOB / 3BIG (# 3 in Group)
Judge: Wilfried Peper, Germany, Groupjudge; A.M Olsen, Norway

20.07.02: Løvudden, Sweden - RR-Specialty
BOB / BIS - Best in Show
Judge; Breedspecialist - Sharon Rossiter, UK.

14.07.02: Østersund, Sweden - International show
BOB / 2BIG (# 2 in Group)
Judge: Marit Sunde, Norway, Groupjudge; M.Sunde

30.06.02: Trondheim, Norway - International show
BOB / 2BIG (# 2 in Group)
Judge; Niels Brandstrup, Norway, Groupjudge; N.Brandstrup.

29.07.01: RR-Specialty in Sweden.
Judge Breedspecialist Lindsey Barnes, UK , Diamondridge kennel
Best in Show

    The judge comments about Scout: "The most memorable moment of my judging was when Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron entered the ring. He is a liver nosed dog, which I do not normally like, but then I have never seen one exhibiting the breed type and head of this one. He is without doub't the best ridgeback I have seen. Superb conformation, excellent temperament, super head, excellent bone, front and feet, excellent topline, well ribbed back. His movement is outstanding, driving off well from strong well-muscled hindquarters with correct width between hooks. In profile, effortless with great reach and drive, coming towards absolutely true. This was all wrapped in a beautiful coat and colour. He was an easy winner in his class and never stopped showing in the challenge with enthusiasm and style. I was pleased to award this outstanding young dog Best in Show and also CAC, I hope to hear more of him in the future."

    09.06.01: NKK-Drammen - International show Norway -
    BOB / 2BIG (#2 in Group)
    RR-judge: Wera Hubenthal, Norway, Group judge: Per Svarstad, Sweden 

    20.05.01. National show outside Bergen -
    2BIS (#2BIS) (no picture - sorry) 

    01.07.00: Puppyshow/RR-Specialty - Denmark. Judge Breedspecialist Pauline Sadler, Australia - Marsabit kennel
    BIS puppy

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