Cai Ranua


Montpellier, France - # 3 best in Group


3.8.2008, Nesbyen,Norway,Nat show, Judge: Marilyn Manley-Smith Aust
1,1,ck,1bhk,BIR, BIG 2 (BOB and later  # 2 Best in Group)
years old, nicely proportioned dog with a good head, strong muzzle, strong neck, well proportioned body and he has a good reach and he is moving very well.

2.8.2008, Nesbyen, Norway, Nat show, Judge: Glenway Dymock, Aust.
1,1ck,1bhk,cert, BIR, BIG 2 (BOB with CAC and later # 2 Best in Group
andsome dog, masculine expression, good bone, could have shaped more neck, very good ridge and crowns, sound mover.

26.7.2008 Swedish RR-Specialty, Judge: Janet Wang, South Africa
1,5, ck (Excellent and # 5 in open class)
uzzle too short, eyes could be darker but tuned with coat colour, neck too thick and of moderate length. A bit upright in upper arm, good bone & feet, Nice topline, moderate hindangulation, a little close behind, nice straight movement in front. Dog has natural balance, ridge must start at shoulder & reach the hips.

12.7.2008 Tvååker, Nat show, Judge: Per Iversen, Norway
1 (excellent, unplaced in open class)
år gammel hann som kunne vært litt mer maskulin, velkonstruert, bra hode, ønsker lite bedre uttrykk, bra hals og kropp og overlinje, velvinklet bak, ok ridge, kraftfulle bevegelser, herlig temperament, velvist.

6.7.2008 WW-08 Stockholm, Sweden, Judge: Karl-Erik Johansson, Sw
1 (very good)
kt god typ, typisk maskulint hovud, mørka øgon, irriterade blinkhinner, bra bett, saknar en P2 I underkjeven, kraftig hals, bra rygg, utmerk brystkorg, bra vinklet, rør seg nogot tungt.

4.7.2008 Circiut Specialty WW-08, Sweden, Judge: Anna Lane, Australia
2 (good) Open class
road scull, narrow muzzle shorter, prefer more angulation in the shoulders and upperarm, well ribbed back, prefer more angulation in the rear, acceptable ridge

3.5.2008 NKK/Kristiansand, Int show, Judge: Caludio de Giuliani, Italy
1, 4 (excellent and # 4 in open class)
ight size and type, right head proportions, cheecks little too strong, right set ears not always very well carried, right topline, right croup and tailcarriage, well in chest, enough forechest, enough parallell movement, right coat and colour

23.2.2008 Bø i Telemark, Norway, Int show, Judge: Graham Hill, UK
1, 2, ck, unplaced in best male (Excellent)

Male who has good muscle tone. Very pleasing head, expression and shape. Firm neck of good length. True parallel front. Good overall body substance and spring. Well muscled hindquarters. He moved freely and true. I would like him slightly bigger in proportions.

16.12.2007 Stockholm, Sw, Int Show, Judge; Marija Kavcic, Slovenia
1 (excellent), unplaced (14 males in class)
year old, correct head, full dentition, round eyes with too pronounced third lid. Shorter body, strong bones, excellent muscles, good movement, well carried tail, correct ridge, good temperament.

25.11.2007 Hamar, Norway, Int show, Judge; Guy Spagnolo, Australia
1(excellent), unplaced (8 males in class)
ell balanced head, good expression, would prefer to see better angulation in front, good spring of ribs, strong topline, correct placement of crowns, would prefer better angulation of rear, moved well, good coat texture.

6.10.2007 Kongsberg, No, Int show, Judge: Jacques M Rinquet, France
1 (excellent),ck, 3 best male, res CAC

8.9.2007 Sofiero, Sweden, Int show, Judge: Hans Muller, Switzerland
2 (very good)
ot very tall, correct proportion, good topline, deep chest, enough bones, correct angulation, Bite a little irregular, missing one P2, Eye-lids not quite closed, correct neck, the coat is a little long, movement OK.

25.8.2007 RR Specialty Denmark, Judge: Martin Croeser, SAF
1 (excellent , unplaced in class of 13)
ice dog, excellent head, could have better eye, good shoulder and upper arm, good topline, excellent bone, good hindquarters, sound mover.

12.8.2007 Ronneby, Sw, Int show, Judge: Sammi Willson, South Africa
1,ck, 1, Cert (CAC), CACIB, BIM (BOS)
oung dog of correct size, well shaped head, third eyelid detracts from expression, turning out of pastern.

5.8.2007 Nesbyen, Norway,, Judge: Petru Montean
1,2 ck (excellent & # 2 in class)
3 years old, very well balanced, good expression, excellent body structure, correct angulation front and hind, good coat and pigmentation, correct in movement.

4.8.2007 Nesbyen, Norway, National show , Judge: Dominic Harris
 1,3 (Excellent & # 3 in class)
Nice enough head, well placed ears, good depth of brisket, needs to settle on the move.

28.01.2006 Montpellier, France,, Judge: T. Finney, Irland
1,1,CAC, male, CACIB, BOB, 3.Best in Group (group judge:Louis Pinto Texeira, Portugal)

18.12.05 Valencia, Spain,, Judge: Rajko Rotner, Slovenia
1,1,CAC, male, CACIB, BOS

17.12.05 Valencia, Spain,, Judge: Ewa Nielsen, Sweden
1,1, CAC, male, BOS

04.12.05 Alicante, Spain,, Judge: Hans Muller, Switzerland
1,1,CAC, Res CACIB, male

03.12.05 Alicante, Spain, National show, Judge: Francisco Ruiz, Spain
1,1, CAC, male, BOS

17.08.2005 Denmark, International show, Judge: Terry Thorn, UK
1,1, Best intermediate male with excellent.








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