Your Master's calling,

Time To Go

    Your Master's calling, time to go
    Your time with me is through
    We'll take a moment to say goodbye
    My Friend, from me to you

    I see your eyes, they're growing dim
    Your movements now are slow
    You look at me then look beyond
    Your Master's calling, time to go

    Please thank your Master for this time
    Although it seemed so short
    He let us be together here
    My grateful thanks report

    Where you're soon going, you'll feel young
    Your body swift and strong
    You'll be your Master's guardian
    You'll be where you belong

    There's critters there for you to chase
    Through fields wide and green
    You'll play as if a puppy
    And rest by cool, deep streams

    Friend, from our time together here
    I know it to be true
    The love your Master feels for me
    Has been expressed through you

    I know that sometime down the road
    My time here will be through
    I pray we'll be together then
    He is my Master too

    So listen for His signal when
    He sends you out to wait
    And listen for my footsteps
    Please meet me at the Gate

    I'll kiss your head, you lick my face
    Affection freely shown
    Thanks old Friend for all you've been
    Your Master's calling, time to go.

    By Peggy Davis
    Neema Kennels, Jamul, CA, USA
    (Published in "The Ridgeback" issue 4/5-1991 Specialty)

    To Neemo (Ch Lamarde Perro Neema B TT),
    My Beloved Friend:2/24/80 - 11/1/91.

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