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New pictures of Scout (22.07.03)

BISS BIS International & Nordic & Danish ch France ch Lux ch
Nordwegian Winner 2001 & 2002 & 2003 CopenhagenWinner-2003/04
Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron (liver)
male- born 16. January 2000 (USA).

We wish to thank the breeder Shura Bugreeff, VDM, USA and Janet Wang, kennel Nomvuyo, South Africa.  Shura for letting us have this lovely Red Baron and Janet Wang for picking him specially to us. Thank you very much dear ladies.

HD-A1 (excellent)
Elbows -Fri (Clear)

Scout is 68,5 cm tall (27 "), 44 kg heavy. He misses one tooth P4 (left lower side). 
If you would like to know something else than gossip, please feel free to ask. 


Ønsker du å se noen av Scouts avkom - se på linksiden
Do you want to see some of Scouts progeny -
check linkpage


AM SA ch 
Karoskloof Bayezana Naka (Imp SA)
(HD Excellent
Elbows Clear

SA ch 
Kulima Love That Red of Karoskloof (liver)
(HD 0/0)

SA ZIM ch Globe's Roving Red Regent (liver) (imp US) (HD 0/0)

ch Royalton's Blue Max 
(HD free)
ch Globe's Calia Toi Soldier
(HD free)

SA ch Tatsfield Red Regent Charm of Kulima (HD 0/0)

ch Globe's Roving Red Regent (liver) (imp US) (HD 0/0)
ch Isabella of Tatsfield

SA ch 
Karos Nomsa of Karoskloof
(HD 0/0)

SA ch Pronkberg Matange
(HD 0/0)

Pronkberg Sango (HD 0/0)
ch Ingwe of Pronkberg (HD 0/0)

(HD 0/0)

Chucklenook Andries
Cartouche Elvira

AM ch
Nomvuyo Tikkun
(Imp SA)
(HD Excellent
Elbows Clear)

Nomvuyo Kwesi
(HD 0/0)

SA ch Tatsfield Gypsy Ledgend 
(HD 0/0)

ch Tally-Ho Sebasca of Tatsfield Glenaholm Gypsy Echo of Tatsfield

SA ch Komkhulu Vega of Nomvuyo 
(HD 0/0)

Tajoshamrho Colonel of Rockridge (HD 0/0)
Doublem Intombi of Komkhulu

SA ZIM ch 
Delphia Delishus Monsta of Nomvuyo
(HD 0/0)

(HD 0/0)

Ulundi Uinjakazi
Johanesna Clunombi

SA ch Nomvuyo Nombucla of Delphia 
(HD 0/0)

ch Globe's Roving Red Regent (liver) (imp US) (HD 0/0)
ch Komkhulu Vega of Nomvuyo
(HD 0/0)

Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron (liver)

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