Kamba Anatulinda's Fingo
(Fingo = a charm to prevent thieves from entering a house)
Correct bite, all teeths

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Fingo har gjennomført K.C. Good Citizen Bronze & Silver & Gold som andre RR noensinne i England. Vi gratulerer med dyktig utført arbeid.

Fingo has achieved K.C.Good Citizen Bronze, Silver & Gold as the second RR in UK ever. A country with over 1000 puppies every year. Well done - Alison Fraser, owner of Fingo.

She wrote the following about Fingo in RRCGB yearbook 2004 ;
His desire to be my companion, friend and working partner is unmatched by any other ridgeback I have trained. When you put in the time that it takes to train advanced obedience levels, the bond becomes unbreakable.


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