Kennel Maendeleo

International Norwegian Swedish Champion Cai Ranua

født/born 30.08.2004
dead : 14.10.2010

Cai was put to sleep due to SLO - Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystropy - total loss of all his nails

Scissors bite - missing 1xP1
Height: 67,5 cm tall

X-ray; Hips Free (B), Elbows Free (A), Eyes - Clear


Cai has produced 4 litters:

Litter 1:  Minjimba Ridge kennel, Sweden -født 23.2.2007- 12 pups -Minjimba Ridge B-litter

Litter 2: Minjimba Ridge kennel, Sweden, born 17.1.2008 - 7 pups - Minjimba Ridge C-litter

Litter 3: Amageba kennel, Norway, born 25.6.2008 - 1 puppy - Amageba Q-litter

Litter 4: Amageba kennel, Norway, born  3.2.2009 - 9 pups - Amageba R-litter


3 years and 2 months old
(Photo: JS Berg)


Oppdretter; kennel Ranua Monika Kramolisova, Tsjekkia.

Stamtavle / Pedigree

Cai Ranua was imported from Czech Republic,
breeder is Monika Kramolisova,
kennel Ranua

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